Thursday, June 13, 2013


While in a fit of proactive parenting one night, I stumbled upon something that just seemed to catch the essence of what I was trying to say.

You see my kids often don't get that "glass half full" philosophy - it's a little, well, too philosophical and deep.  And usually when I'm preaching it, one of their eyes is wandering towards the TV, the computer or anywhere which isn't their mother sitting in front of them talking earnestly and deeply.  While mentally shaking their shoulders with hopeful words of living their best lives, I see the glaze, I see the fidget... and I think "ah well I gave it a shot" and move on.

But you see my job as a parent is to find a way to get that message across.  Because I will literally crumble with frustration if my kids don't give this life their absolute best shot.  If I give up on this, then I have failed with a big, fat F.

One son needed some coaching during the week.  He'd said something wrong and it had cut straight to a place that we never plan on going to in this family.  He knew it, but there's no backtracking when the words are ricocheting around the room.

And my words became sentences.  My calm became his.  And we went to a place where I felt it was time to pull out some big hits.  You see one of my boys bounces through life.  He has joy in his step.  His heart is kind.  And The Husband and I will fight tooth and nail to protect that bounce, because we've seen how life has a way of taking it away from our babies.  Practical, tedious, unbouncey life.  He doesn't have any self awareness.  He hums to himself.  He is joyous.

And who ever said it was wrong to compare your children, especially to each other.

I did.
I said to my son, "Look to your brother about how you can live your life, because he bounces right?  He actually bounces outside and inside himself, wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to do that too.  Because you used to be just like him".  "Did I?", he asked. "Yep mate, you did".

And while thinking of his bouncy, joyous brother, he smiled the kind of smile that warms your heart.

He got it.

I think it may be presumptious to think he'll start bouncing.  But if he can live life with a little more joy in his heart than before then I'll call that progress.

Do you bounce?  Do you know anyone who does?
There are life lessons everywhere, you just have to look for them.

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