Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today in Australia, it's national RuOK Day.  A day for asking the questions, for listening to the answers, for checking in.

I believe everyone has a story.

Your story might be jubilant or tragic, dull or explosively exciting.  Whatever your story, it is unique to you and special because of this.  We all stand along side each other in the cafe waiting for coffees, in the queue at the bus stop, at the supermarket checkouts, in the school yard.  We sit along side each other in our office cubicles, at the movies, on the beach.  Yet we co-exist without being aware of what's going on in each others life.  We might know the surface - "oh she's a (insert) and she knows (insert) and she's really (insert)", but often we really truly don't know each other and who we are.  We just know the person we're prepared to share and sometimes that's not a true reflection of who we truly are.

We're the most socially connected generation, yet how often do we genuinely connect, and share our good stuff, our crap stuff and our stories?  I'm guessing not often.

So today is a day to ask each others stories, and to listen.  And for some a chapter in their story may be dark today.  So dark that they can't see the light in the rest of their story.  It's all clouded over and messed up, and they think that's how their story is going to end up.

I had a time when I didn't feel so ok, and I knew if someone asked, I would have told them,  but I didn't want to be proactive and forthcoming, I just wanted to be asked.

Today is the day to ask.  Because by doing so you may be giving the gift of attention, of focus, and of non judgement.


For more information, please do go here and find out more rather than just my garble.

And lets not just make this an Australian thing or a one day a year thing.

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