Monday, October 29, 2007


How is it that I have just prepared 3 meals for my 3 children? And will I spend more time on this blog thingy than the actual business? Hot here in Sydney today and we are currently experiencing a boom in flies - I thought flies only lived in the outback and that I had no need of a hat with corks on it in the city. My very clever friend Kate though that maybe I should design a hat with crystals or other such pretties decorating it. I hmmmed very unenthusiastically, barely containing my excitement at this FABULOUS business opportunity - gad why bother with a nonprofit feel good business idea when I could solve the fly problem and look styley doing it. I had booty camp on the beach yesterday - with four other girls and only a zillion flies accompanying us - I could only mumble coz I was too worried about how many flies I'd eat if I opened my mouth. And how could my baby (ok he's 21 months but he'll always be my baby), have so proficiently perfected the fly swatting technique. Flies - apparently they'll get "better" in a few weeks - October - The Month of the Fly.

Righto, crazy hour and a half is upon me - better go and do mum stuff

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