Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow, how do I do this?

Bad start. Too many decisions to make. I choose a name like a race horse for my signature (see I don't even know what its called) and then another race horse for my blog name. I'll take things slowly from here as I am the most UNsavvy computer user EVER - I still use film for my camera!. So who am I and what's the point of this? A couple of things - I live in Sydney, Australia having just shifted from New Zealand with The Husband's fabulous new job. We have 3 little fellas, and in an attempt of stopping me going completely mad, I've decided to start a non-profit business - web based and all about giving back and ticking an emotional fulfillment box. So this blog is all about me starting up my business as well as a glimpse of my life and my experiences in shifting to a new country, making friends and generally just trying to feel as good and happy as possible.... interested? I might post some more entries to "catch-up" a bit. Any advice from experienced bloggers always welcomed!


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