Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have a lovely friend Kristin who is from the States and making a big effort for Halloween, we're going to tag along and while she sits drinking wine handing out "candy", I'm going to trudge up and down the street with my boys - I'll be pushing Smith in his stroller eating a lollipop while carrying the hat he'll refuse to wear. The boys will sheepishly stand at peoples gates too scared to go in, then I'll go in, (yes, no doubt leaving Smith at the gate), I'll then hiss at the boys to come with me, then yell at Will to go back and get Smith, then the boys will finally get their "loot" - bad lollies from a discount shop circa 1997. I'll clench my teeth and repeat the process over at each house. My dilemma is bag size - Kristin has got halloween bags (!!!) so she's sorted but do I use - the old party loot bags that would hold only a lollipop and a gum snake (and have someone elses name on them who didn't turn up to the party), or do I use a large plastic shopping bag? And yes, they're my only options other than the Santa sacks (ie pillowcases) and then i have no idea where they are?

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