Friday, November 2, 2007

Some Business Stuff!

Ok, so part of the reason for this blog is to talk a bit about the process with setting up a non- profit business and how easy or hard it is, hopefully as a bit of inspiration for others thinking of doing the same. Of course, as you can see, I am extremely skilled at waffling about nothing in particular and now my friends will be breathing a sigh of relief that I have a new outlet other than e-mail, MSmessenger and phone calls!

So the business - it's all about giving back, and is therefore very subtley titled Giving Back. It's a web based business and ... actually, better consult my brilliant lawyer friends to find out how much I should chat about, I may be naive, but I'm also smart enough not to get on the wrong side of friends that are trying to help me by me doing something too trusting or STUPID. But I can say that it's about helping people to give back and feel emotionally fulfilled that they've done good and given something back. Stay tuned, I'll chat more later about what it's about. I do know that I totally believe in it, I feel awesome to be doing it, and even though we don't want or need to make a bean, the emotional rewards will be bountiful!

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