Friday, November 2, 2007

The Web Build

As you can see from my blog, I kind of know zip about technical stuff and I kind of cringe when I think that my technically astute friends may be reading this and shaking their heads - "what is she doing?". Anyhow, I've gone to market in NZ looking for a fabulous web developer who can build me a stunning, professional and extremely clever website that I can be proud of launching with lots and lots of noise. I'd better be careful now, I basically trawled the web and yellow pages (almost) and kind of randomly approached a few. Started thinking about intellectual property stuff so cut and paste (almost on one embarrassing occasion) from one of The Husband's business non-disclosure agreements. So in short, I have 3 possibles - I'll give them some nicknames.
1. The Really Nice People - gave me a midrange quote, excellent customer service and a nice wee discount because of the non-profit aspect of the business

2. The Sharp Impressives - I fell in love with them and was completely bedazzled and impressed. I was the Yes Woman. They had me at "hello". Until I got the quote. I was too embarrassed to show The Husband.

3. The Discount Dan's - A sharp, sharp price, a mid range score for customer service (but quickly making up ground), great client lists and damn, did I mention the price? I could get the full whizz-bang wish list for the price of a few conversations with The Sharp Impressives.

Weighing most on my mind is the fact I now have to make a decision, and worst still - call them up, saying "sorry I can't give you my business coz I'm not feeling well" won't work this time. Nor will hoping that time will make my problem go away. I need to make some calls and sort of extremely quickly.

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