Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Speed Wobbles

So, I'm still waiting for my Discount Dan to come back with his official quote, we have invested a heap of time in each other - at least 3 hours by phone (him to me thankfully and very gratefully) - it sounds good, we're reaching for the stars, but it sounds scary and expensive and a massive commitment from me - it's the big show - bells, whistles, dancing girls - quietly I'm thinking to myself - how can I do this only only 10'ish decent hours a week. Gad, I might have to stop watching crap TV and folding my washing in the evening and do work instead. Infact, I think I will replace the "might" with a "will".

In fact, I'm so freaked out that I am now 100% committed to helping my eldest son do his school project. (I think there will be a "referred effort/pain" type of description for this). I am putting so much focus on trying to make his Jack and the Bean Stalk diorama not look as if Mum has done almost all of it - I'm even cutting the edges of the cardboard a little ragged to make sure.

Anyhow tomorrow is Thursday - my big work day - brand strategy and charity identification stuff, squeezed around swimming lessons and school pickups. Understand why I'm panicing a little.
Problem: Need more hours working
Solution - Find more (and cheaper) help, stop watching crap TV - there, easy!

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