Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Quote

It's arrived. Desperate Dan has just talked me through the quote for my website build, and I have upskilled heaps over the last couple of hours. I now realise what an outstanding job The Sharp Impressives did with giving me an extremely ridiculously expensive quote. I now understand about Google Page Ranking, alt-tag images, linking campaigns, synergy branding....I feel very clever.

Discount Dan was even...discounting as we were chatting - he was throwing in blogs (I didn't tell him I had built this little whimsy as he may have gone and read it), knocking 40% off here and there, offering mentoring services and basically just being the Discount Dan that I am growing very fond of! And yes, I know that if it can be given up so easily that there must have been padding built into the quote to start with, but naive as it sounds, I kind of think it was a bit of that and a bit of believing in the giving back vision of the business, and back.

So now the ball is in my court. I'll chat it through with The Husband (who has started not buying his beloved coffees to help fund our wee venture - I hope he's not expecting me to reciprocate by giving up my diet coke). I'll probably then push go........

And yes, THEN I will call everyone else and deliver the news (I'm kind of sure they've probably forgotten me by now anyway!)

Righto, I did say brand strategy to develop today and I haven't even touched it. Mum duties are calling me soon .

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