Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blog Notes

My favourite blog that I read after I've checked out the NZ and Australian news sites, then of course a quick glimpse at TMZ is, a lovely blog about a brit living in Paris. In one of her recent blogs she had mentioned how she wrote blog notes in her Moleskin notebook. Always being one to jump on a band wagon, I thought "got a bit of a blog, need to get myself a "moleskin" now". So did some online shopping research and found out that a moleskin is not a fabulous notebook in a lovely soft moleskin, but rather a black, hardcover note book, made famous because hemingway or picasso or someone else equally as famous had used one. Completely stupid I'm not, so decided that instead of spending $30+ for what looks like a boring black notebook, I'd find myself a prettier, significantly cheaper version. I love stationery so looked forward to the idea of going blog book shopping. The reality (as always) wasn't as exciting as the idea. Hot Sydney day, sticky gym gear, Smith, crappy little Manly newsagent. But I had my heart set on one so I was not going to walk out without a notebook. Found the selection, by now Smith crying as I'd made him walk past the playground and fountain and he now wanted to go BACK and play please mum. He proceeded to pull out rolls of giftpaper, I ignored this and the questioning looks as it was keeping him busy (couldn't they see that?). My choices were limited, bad floral, kittens, or 2008 diary. So I now have a bad floral blog note book and a pencil and I carry them with me for inspiration and for businessy ideas and to do's. Unfortunately it goes in the same bag as the drink bottles and snacks and if the fate of my mobile phone is anything to go by, I soon will be shopping again for a new one.

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  1. Do some more research - I love the idea of the soft moleskin notebook, you must be able to find one. A serious blogger neeeds a serious blogger notebook.