Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's all go!

I just pushed the green "go" button and we're off - Discount Dan, (now known as Dan) is my man, although I think he's going to delegate my project, he certainly was extremely prompt in sending me a very large invoice. Felt like celebrating, but off the wine now after my girls weekend and had to pick up the boyos up from school - I was lucky enough to bear the wrath of one of the pre-school teachers who complained about my Rafey's behaviour (and kind of mine at the same time) Felt grumpy and very teary and almost needed to call my clever friend Kate (who I always call if I don't know what to cook for dinner or how to identify mystery bugs or if I need to discuss hotel choices) but called The Husband instead. He was also a bit grumpy and extremely busy and suggested we talk about it over dinner. Dinner chat for me is about as strenuous as choosing what crap TV I'm going to watch, and kind of think I'll be over it by then anyway.

So, after all that - yay! Have also signed up Arthur, the brand man, to help with look and feel stuff. I'm on a decision making roll!

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