Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Organised

For me stress correlates with mess, ie the messier my stuff, my house, my anything is, the more I feel an undercurrent of annoyance and stress. So as things are starting to gear up a bit on the business front I have had a fit of organising and creating clean "spaces". I've started with some and taxes.
The Husband and I like looking at photo albums, the kind with black acid free paper and pages you can turn. No cyber albums for us suprisingly. I have two additional children and four years worth of photos to sort and paste into albums. I need to do it now, like a bad ivy, my photos have crept across tables, floors and other spaces, sorted into little plastic bags with black marker pen titles, awaiting pasteing into the soon-to-be-purchased albums. Now everyone is interested in the photos (as they have been hidden for so long), they are pulling the photos out of the plastic bags, I'm losing control. I need to work quickly. I'm starting to feel stressed.

And taxes. Through The Husband's work, we've had the opportunity to hand over the responsibility of all our tax kind of stuff to a chartered accountant. I liked this arrangement. I had passed the ball. We had delegated. But what I didn't realise was that they would "facilitate" us completing our tax stuff, they would tell us what blanks to fill. Disappointed.

So I've started, photos and taxes. Can you even begin to imagine how good I'm going to feel soon. Clean spaces equals happy me.

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