Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mr Smith Reads a Book

Just thought I'd try putting a photo on - work with me here. I'd just made the mistake of looking at some other really smart and particularly clever blogs with people posting art, photos, poetry or other creative bits and pieces. In a moment of "can do" madness, I thought I'd innovate. I have just worked out how to download my photos off the camera onto the computer, so why stop there. I'm not sure how cool it is to put photos of my Beautifuls on my blog so thought we'd start with a photo of Smith going incognito as a book. I'd love to claim he was actually reading it, however it was only by sheer chance the book is actually up the right way.


  1. That is a seriously cute photo, shame it has to slip down the page with more posts. Do the calling in the morning. That way you don't have to dwell on it all day. You'll be great. Practice on me :)

  2. That IS a seriously cute photo! Kate is right! I know all your boys will be reading well before either one of mine even thinks about it!