Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some Hard Stuff

I had my first work conference call with Dan and my new project manager, who sounds really friendly and efficient (how does someone sound efficient?). Immediately I dobbed in Art and felt a little guilty for doing this, although she was quick off the mark to follow-up (which makes me think I wasn't alone in my client disgruntledness) . Sorted.

Dan did lots of lovely soothing handover stuff and has volunteered his services to me as a mentor. He seems to have similar ideas as The Husband, eg delegate, plan, you can't do it all yourself, you haven't enough time in the week, kind of mentoring, although I think I need the "aren't you amazing, what a fabulous youthful face, did you really do all that in one day and keep smiling" kind of mentoring, but I'll have to be swayed by the masses and listen to them instead. The Husband, when I mentioned Dan's mentoring asked if he wasn't there enough for me, I thought a quiet thoughtful moment was an appropriate response. And lets be fair, he works hard and long and he simply isn't interested in the "detail" that I can now bore Dan or Project Woman with.

So Dan left me two tasks for the next few days - ring two charities, ring two corporates. Cold calling. My blood ran cold.

Some people are good at making cold calls and some are experienced at it, I'm neither of these.

But this is the nature of my business, I have hundreds of charities I will eventually need to cold call, I'd better upskill quickly. I think the one thing I need to remember to do is close with a strong call to action, garbling goodbye with obvious relief won't achieve anything, except of course terminating the call.

Do you think it's cool to e-mail or text instead. I'm much better at that.

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