Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Brand

I am almost there.
After a false start by Art, followed up with a bit of nudging by me in the direction I was keen to go down, I ended up with a couple of decent logo options. I made a final tentative call and then sent it around the "network" - a group of my very smart friends and family. Everyone was awesome and came back superquick with thoughtful, encouraging feedback.
So it's done - got me some cool colours and a nice logo.

That was the fun part.

Now I'm working on the home page with Project Woman. I feel that we're almost there for a first wee glimpse at what the website is going to look like. There's still a zillion holes behind the facade, but it's nice to take a moment and enjoy what it's going to be.

Better get my clever lawyer people to have a look too. Don't want anyone to get cross with me.

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