Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bubblegum Story.

It's not often I have a reason to go to the city, especially on a day thats not a school holiday, nor a weekend.  And it's very seldom I'm on my own when I do it.  But a business meeting in the city meant not only did I need to find my way in, but I'd need to take off my thongs, short and singlet (my summer uniform) and find something resembling work'ish clothes.

Logistics. A weight I'm burdened with.  How was I going to get in to the heart of the city for my meeting? Would I drive?  But having been stung with a car park bill of $45 one day, I shot that one down.  What about the drive/ferry/walk/ferry/drive option? Too hard, too many risk factors, and I was wearing the wrong shoes.  What about simply catching the bus? The Husband does it each day and it seems the easiest option. So the 10.08am bus is was.

All good, on the bus I earnestly looked over my work (ie tried to look very busy and extremely important to the other bus passengers), and promised myself I could read my Who magazine in my handbag, that I was itching to open, on my way home.

10.51am I arrived with a comfortable amount of time to kill before my 11.30am meeting. I thought I'd have a wander around the shops and eventually wandered into one of my favorites which was having a sale. I loaded up with stuff and headed into the changing room.

I started to get undressed but as I took off my top I discovered that my hair was kind of caught up in it, I pulled my hair and discovered a big clump of bubblegum, stuck in my hair. With a feeling of impending gloom, I looked at my black shirt. It had a big glob of bubblegum smeared across it, with several of my hairs now also caught. Someone had put some bubblegum on the back of the bus seat and I had leant in it, for my 45 minute trip into town. Briefly I felt a little embarrassed about what I must have looked like wandering along in the heart of the city. But time was too short to dwell on this. Time now 11.10am I put my head out and said to the fabulous staff that yes please, I did need a little help.

And like troops, they rallied.  They suddenly had a "special project" - me.  And a timeframe - "now".
I tried on a pile of outfits and eventually walked out at 11.25am with a new black button down shirt dress (and another party dress that I had to buy as well - I was on a bit of a roll). I made it to my meeting with 1 minute to spare. I calmly sat down crossed my legs and noticed that not only did the dress flap indecently open but my light coloured underwear could be easily seen through it.

So I now have a new dress. And a little less hair. And next time I will drive my car.


  1. What was he like? How did the meeting go? Do you think he noticed the gum?

  2. slightly leechy, kept looking at the over-exposed legs, raised an almighty show stopping issue for me ie "no your website won't do that, you'll have to" kind of road block, and nope don't think he noticed the gum but probably couldn't have missed the two extra shopping bags!