Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't Wear Your Shorts

I have two uniforms - trackies in winter, shorts in summer. I have good trackies, and ones that shouldn't be seen out of the house. I have beach shorts, long shorts, going out for lunch shorts, mucking around shorts and even shorts for wearing with strappy sandals and a glam top. I rarely wear a skirt, and apart from a beachy beach dress, don't really have any dresses.

The Husband has just met with The Philanthropist for a bit of a work chat. This is the woman I accidently ignored online when the computer died last week. She is inpirational, successful and innovative in the world of philanthropy in Australia. The Husband was very, very complimentary of her - he was very admiring of her business. He also said she was very classy and styley - kind of like a Cate Blanchett type. He said I would enjoy meeting her but maybe "don't wear your shorts to your meeting". He said this with a smile and very quickly moved on, but I was aghast - don't wear my shorts? As you can well imagine, I'm on the slippery slope to my next crisis and have been to the shops twice, yes twice, including a wet Saturday afternoon to the mall (complete madness) - in the quest for a skirt. Bottom skimming denim micro skirts or baby doll dresses don't invoke a Cate Blanchett image for me. Like I said, the next is crisis looming!

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