Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Which Shoes?

It's that crazy time of year when The Husband gets asked to thousands of corporatey things and to my horror, turns down most of them which include me (maybe it's the shorts thing again?). Anyhow tonight ones managed to slip through - dinner and a play, in the heart of Sydney, 6pm kickoff, week night. I live on the other side of the bridge and have a babysitter coming at 4.40pm to give me enough time to get there! Is it really worth it or would I rather be sitting at home alone watching crap TV with a frozen meal - again. Well actually that's tomorrow night.

I've got a shoe dilemma.

Do I wear the extremely tight ponyskin ridiculously high and uber uncomfortable pumps or my well worn but super comfy old work shoes. I'm wearing trousers so I think I'll be safe with the comfy option, but the fact is we're sitting at dinner and in the theatre so this could give another much needed opportunity for these goddamn shoes to stretch so I don't feel so stink that if I'd actually tried both shoes on when I brought them, I would have realised they are a size too small. And brought the bigger size.

And yes I still get stressed driving over that bridge. But then you've probably guessed that by now.

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