Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Christmas is a memory, I've accepted that I have squandered the last week at the beach and doing holiday stuff rather than work stuff, but a new page has turned, it's officially the start of the work year for me. The Husband and I are taking turns at the computer getting things moving again. It's time to start. I'm getting organised. I'm on the charge. There is so much to do, least of all making a plan rather than just tackling things randomly, as I've kind of been doing in a semi-organised way. The web site is moving too slowly and most of all it's my fault, as the reality is, I am the one needing pretty much to do all the work. I no longer have my nanny and I need some child care arrangement. (especially as Rafe has just switched off the power cable to my computer!)
Can you sense my panic?

So what is 2008 about just to get on the right page.....

Being an awesome, happy mum who plays with her kids - even if it is cars and trains for the 3rd time around
Being a fabulous wife
Being a happy, healthy, fit me and feeling fantastic about myself
Launching the business
Being a good friend, making good friends and keeping in touch
Being organised

All totally do-able.

So if you get a chance, read my posts, see how I'm doing on all these fronts (coz you know I'll always tell you!) and if you get a spare mo', drop me a line, it's always nice to hear from you!

Righto, lets go.

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