Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Since moving to Sydney I have had more encounters with wild life than ever thought possible in NZ. There's been the huntsman spider incident (which sauntered across my hand when putting the rubbish in the bin one day), the many ant invasions, BIG COCKROACHES, the very traumatic maggot incident (forever ingrained in my memory - I'll do a wee post about it one day - may help the Post Traumatic Stress), andmy resident possums which run loudly across our roof each night and crap all over our backyard - I even have a possum-crap broom!

Now a new wild life encounter for me is Magpies - freaking predatorial, savvy, dangerous, hunt-in-pack magpies.

So I'm out having a lovely jog one evening, loud music playing on my wannabe-ipod thing, running through the gorgeous bush tracks that our house borders, when I come across a pack of magpies, they EYEBALL me, I stop, we face off, they start cawing or screeching in a we-are-about-to-attack way. I can't believe I'm going to have to do this, but I do...I actually back away turn around and go back the excruiatingly long way I've just come. I did not feel like having my head pecked by a pack of magpies on their home turf. So now added to my list of things to avoid when running along with dodgy looking people and all dogs, are... magpies.

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