Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I decided to give my brazillian nanny applicant a shot.
Quick efficient e-mail contact, an OK resume, and a bit of a gut feel. She was also prepared to work for a bit less then the 35 year old mum with accompanying 3 year old.
So she popped around today, with another brazillian friend, also young, gorgeous and well... brazillian.

Flora was devine. Lovely with the kids and just a happy, smiley person. There are plenty of down sides compared with the text book version of a perfect nanny. She can't drive (!) ...yet....or at least on the right side of the road...., she needs to catch a bus to my house (!!) - ok, not my problem, but really?
But she was lovely! I'm wanting her just for 2 half days - Smith still sleeps in the afternoon (apart from today because after 30 mins of yelling "Mum" from his room, he finally said "mum, yuck, poo", and yup, there was poo all over his bed, somehow), so it's not that bigger deal. I think the problem with my last nanny was she was at our house too long, she'd got a bit sick of the boys, and they'd got sick of her by the time home time rolled around. Also she texted lots while playing cars, and I think that sin is really just reserved for the mums.
So my brief to Flora was just to have fun with the boys and keep them happy as well as the odd bit of house stuff (folding!!!!), and a trip to the local playground or park at the top of the street to kick balls around every now and again.

And the real decider for me...when we shook hands Flora covered my hands with hers. Lovely.
Flora...she could be a keeper.
What do you think?

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  1. what do i think? - she's from brazil - what does the husband think more importantly.....