Monday, January 14, 2008


Firstly, why am I writing this? I have a gift of an hour or so before Dan calls me for our fortnightly "mentoring" session - today talking about something exceedingly boring on my website, and my big boys are at the movies with my amazing friend Kristin who must have been in a masochistic mood to take 4 kids to Alvin and the Chipmunks at the mall. Moo is asleep, so it should be all noise on the work front.
But no, a quick post. And then work.
This will mean not much to you unless you have a 7 year old, or a child likely to turn 7 at some stage, preferably a boy.
Will has fallen under the pokeman spell. I've always disliked Pokeman with an intense passion for no particular reason, so as fate would have it, Will has gravitated to them. To me, there is nothing slightly educational about them and they just reek of computer games and bad graphics. Anyhow, that hasn't deterred him, and in my parental objective of helping my children "blend" at school, I've bought him a stack of cards. Problem being he stands and talks AT me about how who's got how much HP and who "evolves" into who. Will has a fabulous memory, so the detail is, well, exceptionally detailed. If he understood body language, he would have realised the film that glazes The Husband and my eyes and the wanting-to-bolt-any moment stance, is for real.
Blending strategy number 2, Will has used a wee MacDonalds toy as a wannabe Gameboy and takes it to his friends quite happily, he's never asked for a real computer game. He had an amazing year at school, especially considering the shift so we bought him a Nintendo DS as a reward. And a freaking Pokeman game (and they are NOT cheap).
Our Pokeman mania is intensifying. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. I've decided to actually listen for a change as it's not often my little guy has such passion for something.
So shall I share my pokeman learnings or do you want to go through the above process yourselves?
Righto, false alarm, Moo is NOT sleeping. There goes my work window.

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