Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trinny's Kitchen

I love Trinny and Susannah, and having just accidently realised that after a year of Foxtel (Sky/cable/or whatever), we actually DO have the lifestyle channel with all those wonderful Rick Stein, Changing Room, House Swap'ish type of programmes, I now love to watch Trinny and Susannah and both me (and The Husband) have been known to shed a wee tear during it. All the girls in NZ went to a Trinny type of person who transformed them with just perfect clothing choices, took them shopping and basically wrote their own set of rules so they all dressed beautifully and appropriately. However as I was still feeding Smith , and my boobs were 3 times the sad size they are now, I never went to her. And then we shifted. Although I think I would have been someone who reverted from the eg bright cerise florals that I'm supposed to wear, to the anything blacks, that I prefer to wear. So now I still wear inappropriately styles and colours (but lets face it how wrong can you be with shorts).

So happily watching Trinny and Susannah tonight with my low fat yoghurty icecream (which The Husband had great pleasure in revealing that it actually had 22% sugar - sigh), they cut to a scene in Trinny's kitchen.

And she had a big pile of paper on her kitchen bench.
Just like me.

So not only is she stylish and gorgeous, but she has kind of said - "it's ok to have that big pile of paper on your bench, I do! You don't have to try and sort it"

Thank goodness for Trinny.

Just a wee note about wardrobe malfunctions - double sided tape. My lovely wee glittery long cardigan thingee I wore at the conference would have been the epitome of indiscretion, if it hadn't been cemented in place by my new found friend, the double sided tape. As would my black evening dress. Bless.

The Table Cloth Lady - well Trinny where do we start (kidding!!! you looked gorgeous!).

I actually have been working, suprisingly. I'll fill you in tomorrow.

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