Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where is Flora?

Phone calls scheduled, work planned, kids ready for new nanny, but ...where is Flora, our new nanny? 40 mins late and...still no Flora. Then the phone call. Flora was bussing (!) to our house and got lost and 2 hours later was about 10km and two buses away from us. She rang and said she'd walk. I said, don't and call me later. We chatted, she was lovely and asked for one more shot. I need someone who can drive, preferably their own car. So why am I giving a brazilian who can't speak english well enough to get on the right bus, and who hasn't got an Australian drivers licence (or car), and who doesn't turn up, another shot?

Maybe it was the double handshake or maybe it was the shaky tears on the phone at the bus stop. One more pointless shot, but have already decided to go back to the drawing board. I think.

The scheduled phonecalls to the charities were made with success even with Bob the Builder playing loudly on the computer in the background.

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