Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Rant

Here's the story of Rafe and the dodgey babysitter.

It was the "long" day at the Husbands conference - babysitter booked from 7.15am - 3pm, 33degree day, hotel overlooking gorgeous beach and pool. Boyos had had about 5 days/evenings in a row with different sitters.

Just setting the scene

So The Dodgey Sitter turns up. Did she have a plan for the day? nup. Could she take them to the pool? nup The beach? nup, too risky. OK, it was going to be a long day. We left and even The Husband commented that she didn't look up for it. We'd suggested a stroll in the local square, park, maybe subway for lunch - just to give them some fresh air before Smith needed to sleep in the afternoon. She had our numbers.

Lunch break at conference, a friend asked if we'd heard about Rafe? Rafe and the police station? Rafe being lost on a busy street and the police station? We'd been checking our phone and not a word. We rushed back (some of us in tears). Dodgey babysitter sitting watching TV while Smith slept, kids in another room. She did a beautiful job of apportioning blame to our 4 and 7 year old, she wasn't to blame, our 4 year old wouldn't hold her hand.


She couldn't have probably heard him getting lost as she had HER IPOD ON TOO.

Anyhow having left the 7 and 2 year old with strangers, she eventually found him in the police station, thank goodness, although was too dithery to actually know his name (and hadn't thought to carry the paper with their names, ages, our contact details with her).

She had no intention of disturbing us and telling us our son had been lost and then spent some time at the poice station.

The Husband had a few words with her, she couldn't believe how we'd treated her.

She wrote us a note - blaming our 4 year old for getting lost. Not his fault that she didn't call us though. Beautiful.

I rang the agency, they supported her and once again blamed my 4 year old. Did someone miss the fact that he is 4?

I asked Rafe - were you scared? Yes. Did you cry? yes. Alot? Yes. he's now terrified of getting lost - at least he stays a lot closer to me now though.

Show's over folks.

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