Monday, February 4, 2008

Hi out there....

For a long while I thought it was only my bunch of friends reading this blog as a way of seeing what's been going on in my life, since you never hear much from me, and as I always seem to get myself in a pickle. But apparently not, as I got a lovely and um, helpful offer from a very nice bloke somewhere out there, regarding the dodgey babysitter. If you're reading this, then...thanks for your offer and support but I think I'll pass. I'm almost over the incident - the rant did help, and like I said Rafe sticks alot closer to me now as a result...and as you can see I didn't post your comment, although I was sorely tempted as I do love to get comments - remember you are all in my "office" and one sided conversations aren't as fun.

Anyhow, to all those people who may be reading about me and who I haven't met yet, then hi and welcome. Just no guns please.

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