Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bad Aunt Story

Because I adore and dote on my sister's kids, I just assumed she'd feel the same about mine. But APPARENTLY my sister has a "runny bottom' (her words not mine), and is not able to leave home in the likely event of a major runny poo incident, and therefore has been unable to post Smith's birthday pressie.
As it's only his 2nd birthday, Sister, I call that a 50% hit rate of getting it right. I suggested that in the likely event of a poo seepage while going to the Post Office, she could create a large 'poo pad" modelled roughly out of half a roll of loo paper . I've known this to be extremely effective for both the "shart" and explosive varieties of runny bottoms.

I think my angst is driven more on the hope that maybe Smith might have got more for his birthday than some very ordinary leftover toys, some smelly second hand books and a suprisingly small baby doll purchased on e-bay, from his Mum and Dad.

Oh, and I've just TEMPORARILY broken my compacting project - an unexpected birthday party invite this weekend for a little girl and I've used all my stand by pressies on Smith. I think that birthday presents were ok to buy (although one clever mum had given a kid a gift of some left over plywood and a half tube of glue), maybe I should rifle through my cupboards with a bit more imagination.

Big BIG storm here, Rafe sitting quietly with Flore in his normal terrified state.


  1. - mental note - never tell Lisa if I have a 'runny bottom' incident incase it gets posted on the internet for the world to see. Happy Birthday to the baby boy - sorry I forgot!!

  2. My Sister is slightly worried that I've outed her in a less than complimentary way on my blog. I said, noone knows her name, she said "but your friends do and they read your blog", and there's some truth in that. So, sorry Sister. And her lovely present arrived today with a very happy Smith. From now on I will never dob my sister in for the many occasions she made me cry, or embarassed me, or told me off or.....kidding!!!!!

  3. Just read this ... Wait til i start a blog - you'll get yours sister !!!