Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writing Stuff and Talking to Folks

I'm in a frenzy of writing copy and calling charities, neither of which is as fun as checking which sometimes I do instead of writing copy and calling charities. Calling the charities is a bit like being a saleperson or an actor or both, and I'm incredibly nervous and have even been known to actually say "gobbledy gook" on these calls sometimes (is that still an actual word or was it withdrawn in like 1973). I thought I'd be uber organised and wrote myself a "script" ie what to say. I was 20 seconds into my first call using my "script" when it turned to custard, I ditched the script and went into schoomze overtime trying to salvage the call.

And as for the copy, my web developers tell me to cut and past out of other websites which simply feels wrong, I don't know how to deal with the copyright issue and also comes across sounding very awkward. For example...." Each individual who establishes a giving programme is making a farreaching contribution to improve the human condition, so it's a totally cool thing to do and you'll feel awesome if you do it...." See what I mean?

So I write everything from scratch, which means I actually have to upskill and form an opinion on everything. Today I think I have overpromised, and will be in overdrive for the next few days until it becomes apparent I am underdelivering...again.

And The Husband gave me that spend-less-time-on-your-blog-and-more-on-the-business look the other day. Hmm, I never thought he read it.

Hello Husband :)

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