Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Outing

At The Husbands conference I met The Tablecloth Lady who is a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous personality - we quickly "connected" and decided to keep our friendship developing. So on Wednesday, I packed up my boys and lunchboxes and headed over the bridge to Glebe, a lovely inner city suburb with a very english feel to it. I instantly wanted to live here and rang The Husband to tell him that (a) I'd made it over the bridge for the 4th time in a year (and KT you were with me for 2 of those), and that (b) I wanted to live in a fabulous terrace house like The Tablecloth lady's, as long as it had a pool and a park at the top of the street to kick a ball around in.

What amazed me most about my visit was what an awesome mum she was, ok so she used to be a teacher, and she's got one beautiful, quirky and well behaved little girl (instead of my 3 mad boys) but what an amazing role model for being a-most-excellent-mum. I'm inspired and motivated to do the same. I also want her beach house.

Whats the right word for when you are envious/admiring of someone's life and they're so nice that you're so happy for them?

My good motivations lasted as long as the afternoon when Smith for the zillionth time that day tried to climb into the drivers seat instead of his own and I had to prise his vice like grip off the steering wheel while coo'ing niceities (ie bribes) at him. I remember Rafe going through this stage at the same time and it only lasted a few months......sigh, last time.

And she christened herself The Tablecloth Lady due to some interesting dresses she wore at the conference, maybe in my situation, I would have called myself The Magic Boob Tape Lady.


  1. There is no 'right word' for people like that because you meet them so infrequently. She's bound to have a flaw or two. Welcome back. I've missed you this week.

  2. Thanks, had a crap'ish week and posts when in this mood are simply not fun reading. All good now though, back to my normal faffing instead of working, actually maybe my web people had a point.