Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Dad

..has come to stay for a week with his partner Helen. They live in Dunedin, population 100,000 and a bit. Population of Sydney, 5,000,000. Dad's doing very well. He has his "routines", something I seemed to have picked up off him, and for Dad, that doesn't involve driving around a busy city in busy traffic with 3 children. He's coping very well. But whether he's enjoying himself I'm not sure. Sydney is the kind of place that you need to remind people to look at the sites eg. every we time we cross the bridge I remind dad and Helen to "look at the opera house, stunning isn't it" or "look to the left.....NOW...and check out the bridge, stunning isn't it". He's tired and out of his routines. We've had a heavy couple of days sightseeing, simply coz The Husband is home to do the driving, something I'd prefer not to do. I drove to the airport with the 3 boyos to pick them up on friday night and to avoid the traffic, I left a couple of hours earlier than I needed to. So whereas in Dunedin you pay a smiling parking lady $1 to park for the day in the Sydney airport carpark, I could see Dad freaking when I paid $24.

The Husband had only a couple of things to do - put some wine in the fridge (I'd need it after my drive through the city at peak hour), order in some food, put my groceries away that's I'd had delivered. He failed on all counts as he sat in the sun with workmates at the pub that night. DOG BOX!!!!!

So we head to Byron Bay this weekend to meet up with my Sister and her family and belatedly celebrate Dad's 70th.

So I put a question to you all....when did you last fly with your parents? I think I was about 6.

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