Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh no!

I've just been talking to Dan's offsider 9who i think is the brains/owner) of the business - he's a good guy (wore shorts and jandals to my Sydney meeting - where I almost wore bubblegum) and doesn't do any sales schmooze - just an uber smart guy.

Anyhow, he told me he didn't think my business idea was going to work that well - actually, I added the "that well".


He has a better way of doing it, he thinks it will work better, and be more focused on the users rather than the charities, which is basically my whole reason for doing this project. I think I was about to become a 'yes" person, willing to say anything to get a charity on board my website. He's reminded me that that's what it's not about.


So we're going back a step. He's writing up what we just spent the last hour talking about, and I can stew on it.

I told you that Project Woman was no good - I feel like the big boss has just stepped in and given everyone, including me, a bollocking.

There you go, that's my Friday.

It will be damn hot what he's just suggesting though.

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