Monday, February 25, 2008

Lump in my throat

My Rafe is a gentle soul fascinated about things in life that most other 4 year olds aren't like electricity and plumbing, and he's the one we feel is going to need a bit of help "blending" into the normalities of life while still retaining his unique quirkiness that makes Rafe, Rafe. He's just recently started a new kindy that is more focused on learning than playing as along with his quirks, he's a smart wee cookie.

He doesn't love the Kindy, but he's savvy enough to know not to cry when I drop him off (if only Smith had the same smarts as I can still hearing him howling when I'm in the carpark at his pre-school).

So last night I could hear Will and Rafe chatting in their bed with Will imparting the brotherly advice of "just go tell the teacher, don't hit him, coz if you just tell on him them you won't get in trouble" - Will has a very strong sense of justice. I stuck my head in and asked what had happened.
Apparently, at lunchtime, some boys had poured water in Rafe's lunchbox making his lunch wet (and his seat wet which I think caused him the most concern as Rafe doesn't like getting wet), so Rafe had none of his lunch. And then they told him to go into a hole and stay there forever.

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  1. Nooo thats awful! How can you send him back? You need to do that pushy mum thing and talk to the teacher or consider home schooling? But then Smithy has the bump on his head and that happened at home?? Gulp ...