Monday, March 24, 2008


The computer still seems to be working, the computer guy blew me off again pleading sickness - man sickness it sounded like, so I'm still here.

Decided in my quest to resemble a corporate wife to get my nails done. I rarely get my finger nails done and when I do I always go for the au naturel colour that kind of always disappoints as it looks like I haven't just got anything for my $40 although I always reassure myself that my cuticles must look great. And normally I go to one of those awful cheapie places in the mall, but last time the guy sliced my heel when shaving it (!!!!), and a heel with a cut on it is hard to walk on for at least 3 weeks until it starts to heal. So today I decided I'd go to a proper place and get it done properly. Choose your colour I was told, and I bravely chose a colour one step up from au naturel - it had a bit more pink in it. Or so I thought, 10 double coated and almost dried nails later, I stopped watching the movie they had playing and looked at my extremely pink nails. For those of you with girls, it looks like what you'd probably paint her nails with. Driving home I wondered whether I should just whip out my nail polish remover and get rid of this mistake. But actually if I hold my nails a certain way it doesn't look quite so bold, or articial. Almost in fact, naturel.

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