Sunday, March 23, 2008


I think my computer is dying, or in the midst of a death throe, it's whirring and sounds like a washing machine in full spin mode. Thankfully I noticed it a couple of days a go and have arranged for John, the technician from the computer company who fleeced me, whoops I mean, sorted me last time, to come out to take a look. He's already been a no show on Thursday which fortunately gave me enough time to remember about guarantees and stuff. So on one of my last precious days packing, and playing with my boys, I'm going to be faffing with the computer. Great. Unfortunately the computer will be our only contact with the family during the next two weeks so it needs to be sorted. Stat.

My bag is sort of packed, and in my quest for beige I'm very light on smart/casual/business wear. And a bit heavy on beige. I'm almost thinking about another trip to the mall to buy some random smart/business/casual gear, thank goodness I'm not compacting. But the reality is that sensibility will prevail and I will just get by with what I've got. There is always of course airport shopping.

So before the computer finally dies, again, I'll say a quick goodbye, I'll have a notebook full of social gaffs and wardrobe malfunctions (again) to full you in on when I'm back to my happy and healthy boys. If I get a chance and I'm able, I'll post another couple before I leave. Otherwise to sum up....

No, I'm not organised
Yes, I'm looking forward to it
No, I don't really know anyone who's going
Yes, I'll use up all my chitchat lines in the first 5 mins (and I'm spending 2 weeks with these people)
Yes, I'll probably accidently call The Husband his very informal nickname, instead of his more corporate real name, and yes, this will happen in front of people that matter, but who don't care.
YES, I will absolutely miss my boys like crazy
YES, I will cry in the taxi to the airport but may be slightly sorted enough to do some tearstained and random airport shopping.
Yes I have many books to read on the plane - from political to crap. I'm even going to buy SOME trashy mags
No, I will NOT get fat, I will NOT get fat, I will eat well and refrain from alcohol occasionally
And, yes, I know, it IS only two weeks.

Take care y'all xxxx

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