Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lists and Easter

I'm in list mode. If something springs to mind, I scramble for paper and create a list, or more accurately recreate the lists I've lost, I don't seem to have a master list, but I do have a very comprehensive Boys Stuff word doc in progress. Whenever something comes up, eg birthday, soccer training, playdate, I add it to this all important doc and where possible lock in a drop off, pick up so The Grandparents are off the hook. All good. And it is only for two weeks that we're away and The Sister wisely reminded me that they'll do everything their own way anyhow!

Easter Hat parade today. A new Australian phenomon for us last year. This year we're sorted. The parade involves me and the wee boys sitting at Will's school with an elaborate picnic lunch (ie jam sandwich and half packet of biscuits - but don't get me wrong, some parents do it in style!) watching a couple of hundred kids parade around the oval with 4litre icecream containers on their head. Last year Will took out his class prize, we kept the hat for a good 9 months before I sneaked it into the recycling. Unfortunately i didn't have any batteries in the camera, but fortunately The Grandparents were with us and The Grandfather had no qualms at getting dirty with the rest of the paps and taking some photos. This year no such luck for Will, just Mum, the two wee boys (who will run around so mum can't actually watch the parade), and a charged camera.

Easter in Sydney is also all about the Easter Show, they expect 1million people to attend. The Husband and the two big boys will make up 3 of that number. Hopefully me and Smith get to sit it out this year. For me of course, getting there and back is a logistical nightmare, I'm already sweating about it, and I'm not planning on going. The highlight of the show is The Showbags ie $20 for a bag of branded crap. The showbags even get reviewed. Madness. Madder still is the thought of Smith there although this will surely be my last year of getting a reprieve.

Way down one of my lists is Easter Eggs, I'm going to the mall tonight so will get the leftovers at Big W. Actually I can remember when KT and I worked on a Saturday at a department shop in Dunedin many years ago (you know, the one where I worked on the cigarettes and KT worked on the music.) Each easter when restocking the easter eggs we'd find all the broken eggs that had "accidently" broken and scoff them. In fact there may have even been a tiny brush with mgmt over a couple of caramel eggs that ended up in my pinny, but can't remember if it was just me or both of us. KT?

Anyhow, it's off shopping for easter bilby's (no chocolate bunny in Oz, no sirreee, chocolate bilbys it is (native little possum like thing) and anything else on my list of the moment.

7 days and counting

Website, what website. The ball is firmly with me at the moment, I need to make some hard phonecalls and I'm too chicken to make them. Maybe I'll make a work list while I'm at it!


  1. I don't remember anything about caramel eggs!!! Maybe it was you all on your lonesome?!

  2. Yikes, I thought it was just me who got in strife, took staff privileges a little far and got in the stook with someone called Lexie if I remember rightly!