Friday, March 14, 2008


...were officially my Absolute Worst Meal Ever of the years 1972'ish until leaving home about 14 years later when they became replaced by the smaller more user friendly, less onion afflicted meatball, as made by me instead of my mother. My mother thought rissoles needed to be slightly burnt, extremely grey, and full of onion. And accompanied by boiled potatoes and cabbage or peas. That was absolutely my worst meal ever. There was nothing to look forward to eating on that plate. I think it was her way of rebelling as my mother was always inclined to do, in a kind of "if they won't eat the exotic things that I think I should be cooking, then dammit, I'll cook a really crap meal instead". Sister? Your thoughts?

So in the hunt for a trout recipe in a very nice recipe book, I stumbled across a recipe for ...rissoles!!!!

People, this is 2008. There is no need to get all retro and vintage by bringing back the rissole. Back to the 70's I say.

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