Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another night in the city

By now, you'll know that a mid week night out in the city is never easy for me, and last night we were being hosted to the Rocky Horror Show, 6.15pm dinner for 8pm show in a difficult part of Sydney to get to. I started planning the logistics a while ago. Babysitter booked, swimming lesson delegated, chicken and chips dinner promised (could feed the sitter then - all sorted) Juts a side note, in NZ where you'd normally find a fish and chip shop, in sydney we have Chicken and chips shops. I've seen one fish and chip shop - and it cost a small fortune for a basic feed - go figure? At least chicken is better for you than greasy fish.

Anyhow, the plan started to come unstuck at 1.30am Wed night with Will up and very upset with a sore throat. By morning he was a mess, and could I get in to a stinking doctor?????? IN NZ, I could saunter in almost any time I chose which was often with my 3 kids, yesterday the earliest I could get was next Thursday. Will was so sick he was crying, sleeping, crying and even a puke at Rafe's swimming lesson that I dragged them all to. Actually what would you do in this situation - Will puking, Smith toddling around the edge of the pool, Rafe with clothes half on, wet and miserable - which one should I deal to first?

So finally an appointment turned up (after much nagging) - 5.20pm - but hang on how was I going to get to the function by 6.15 when I'm at least 45 mins from destination. Suddenly the madness started. I was trying to get ready - Will was crying, little boys were bouncing dangerously on the trampoline, hair was being straightneed. baby sitter came, I zoomed to chicken shop, zoomed back, cancelled the cab I'd booked earlier that was now waiting at my gate. Shunted half dressed Will in car (he was having a hot spell), rushed to dr, then waited in a full waiting room. Gad there were three a head of us. Poor Will was so good, unlike his mother who just huffed, glaring at the reception ladies. 45 mins late (hmm, about 6.10pm), we got in, bad case of tonsilitus diagnosed, and we rushed to the pharmacist before he closed who was standing CHATTING to someone like forever. Couldn't he see Will was sick and his mother was FRANTIC. Got drugs, home, ordered cab. Found hole in only pair of stockings, put a blob of pink nail polish on then coloured in hole and leg with black pen (who hasn't done that?) Got in cab. Drove to wherever texting along the way to calm myself down a bit. Made end of dinner - but the spotlight was on me and I could only garble half conversations eg "Lisa, this is Sue, she's also from Dunedin" - everyone waiting for me to say something more intelligible than "white wine please". Made it to the show which was hilarious and bloody raunchy for a corporate hosted thingee. Funny but when Katie and I used to sing all the Rocky horror songs when we were 13'ish I just didn't get it! I even managed to put on a pink bower and do the time warp (although got pink fluff over my black dress - matched my nail polish on my stockings I guess).

What a mad, mad night.

The best part - Will's still home and feeling a smidge better.
And yes I did feel stink for leaving my sick baby at home, even though he's my biggest baby.

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