Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to Work

I know it's been all quiet on the work front from me which is mainly because I have been waiting, waiting for the developers to come back with my redesigned website. Fact: building a website with this particular company is painstakingly slow. And frustrating. And unempowering. I have no idea who I'm dealing with at the mo. I think actually that noone can be bothered with my small project that has already been paid for (and banked), actually maybe noone can be bothered with me as in my frustration I may not choose my words that carefully.
Anyhow, yesterday, small progress. At last after much nagging, an email (from someone I've never heard of) and a redesigned website. My previous site had been 75% complete bar from some major functionality stuff to be nutted through. I now have about 5% of that regurgitated in this new version (and the 5% consists of branding and photos!). So another unhappy voicemail. And finally a message left for me promising a decent chat today.

I'm feeling a tad frustrated and helpless and want to get all staunch and take over control, but in the foreign world of websites and technical stuff, i'm completely lost!

More soon.

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