Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pockets in Jeans

Does any one else agree that the front pockets in jeans are unnecessary. In fact my jeans are usually so tight that I can't even get the tips of my fingers into these superfluous pockets.
So on Friday while waiting for my new website to arrive, I decided to do some unnecessary jean shopping so headed to the mall and scouted the jeans shops until I found a pair I liked but which they didn't have them in my size. The shop girl suggested that I try the smaller size on , now this isn't a case of "hey I must have lost loads of weight to fit into these tinsy jeans" coz that is simply couldn't be further from the truth- I wanted jeans at all cost and she wanted the sale. So I swear that after about 5 minutes, I finally got them up, then another minute to do up the button. I crouched down, did major leg bends and all the other atheletic poses and stretches that I normally only do when attempting to squeeze into jeans that are too tight. Another woman next door was doing the same thing but she had her mother with her who kept saying to her - "maybe you should try a bigger size", (and I saw her and unfortunately agreed with her mum). Anyhow thank god for many reasons that I didn't have my mum with me, and only the shop girl who clinched her sale by telling me those all important words "they'll give half a size within the first hour of wearing them". Good sales technique. She got me.

And for those that know how indecisive I am, you'll understand my next dilemma as they were the kind of jeans that were kind of washed out in places so I lined up all 3 pairs in my too small size, and tried to decide which "fading" I liked best. Unfortunately I needed to try on the 3 pairs to do this (x 5 minutes to get up over bum, then 1 minute to do up button), before getting the shop girl to decide for me. And as for those pockets on the jeans, can I get my hands into them? Not a chance!!!

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