Monday, May 19, 2008


Rafe has been sick - Friday night he pretty much cried all night then slept in our bed until 9am (and this boy consistently wakes up before 6am), so a mercy dash to the doctor where we jammed ourselves in to a teeny spot between appointments and managed to get to Will's soccer game in time where Rafe sat in the car crying the whole time - the joys of only having one car. We knew we were in for a tough time, 10 days of medicine twice a day. Putting this into context, Rafe eats about 5 things - maybe 6, that's his repetoire, and after almost 5 years we have adjusted to this particular quirk. And you guessed it...medicine doesn't feature at all in that list of accepted foods. But chocolate does. So my twice daily battle is convincing him to take his 7.5ml of medicine ("but I feel better now mum") as long as there is a chocolate chaser.
I knew my supply of chocolate was dwindling, but this morning what I hadn't prepared for was The Husband finishing it all off last night. So having taken his medicine, Rafe waited for his chocolate, I looked fruitlessly through the cupboards. One Always knows if one has chocolate hidden in the cupboard, it is never a suprise. So it was no to jellybabies, no to jelly beans (don't feature in Rafe's top 5 food items), with tears imminent.
I didn't want to but I had no choice.

The chocolate worm tablets were in the cupboard (don't ask, and if you're a parent you'll know why). I know that they look and taste like chocolate. And I knew I had to resort to desperate measures.

At least he won't get worms to go along with his tonsilitus

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  1. Poor Rafe, we'll remind him of this when he's older. You need to put an emergency supply of chocolate into the worm tablet box, might still be OK for the worms and would keep The Husband at bay...