Thursday, June 5, 2008

Girls Night Out

Got lots to bleet on about...I'll start with a couple of Friday nights ago. So a few of us decided to head into the city on a Friday night for a bit of a girls night. And although we had a nice time, it was a strange ol night as well. We started at the most "in" place in Sydney - The Ivy bar - a monster of a building with a series of bars, all absolutely packed with suits and other young things wearing shoe string tops and pretty dresses. Now the 4 of us were wearing a "uniform" of jeans tucked into boots and tops (black mostly), now I know this look may be a bit 2007, or even possibly 2006, but it's winter and I'm sure those young things must be a smidge cold. Anyhow after a couple of drinks we wandered into an english pub thingee, which was ok for wedges, a seat and a bad, bad glass of cheap bubbles. From there we headed to another nice bar - Hemmesphere - think chaise longes, plush chairs, gorgeous fabrics, chandeliers, hip music and nice atmos. So at this point we had a split - the younger pair of the 4-some quickly got bored with this place, whereas the older 2 (which I easily fell into) got comfy and settled in for a spell. Noting the body language, and after a couple of glasses of wine, we decided we needed to find a kareoke bar, so did the obvious and asked a cab driver who fulfilled his job by taking us to..."Kareoke World". Not good, bad warehouse place with small rooms with a couple of people in each having private kareoke parties - hmmm, now my vision of singing Pat Benetar to a crowded (and listening) bar, just wasn't happening here, although a girl scrap was. So we left. And headed to Kings Cross where we found a bar, waited in a queue, paid a door charge and went into a very odd, and very happening bar where everyone was drinking out of white porcelaine teapots. The younger two of our crowd were happy here, and settled in. Whereas the older 2 of us had an uncomfortable revelation.... we were too old for this place (or at least we felt like we were, and that others thought we were). Now we can probably drink out of teapots with the best of them, especially if the company is in a similar age bracket. But this was one step up from a student pub. With students in it.

Feeling a bit embarassed and personally quite mortified, as well as it being 2am, we got a cab home and happily headed back to our comfy beds and our comfy lives.

At least we tried.

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