Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art Auction

As well as having non-conversations with the Big Cheese, I'm the official class parent leader for Will's class for the upcoming school art auction. Sigh. I guess that's what you get when you don't do reading/canteen/uniform shop duty (because you have 2 kids still at home people!!!). Anyhow, we need to do a piece of art that goes to an auction when parents drink too much and then bid too much. One of the mums paid $900 for a large canvas one year, and I heard another once went for $3000.
We live in a nice part of town I guess. Anyhow theme this year is frogs. Have you tried drawing a frog?

Others having been working on theirs for ages, and are creating stunning pieces. As for me, I've spent the little time I have (note 2 kids still at home people), engaging, socialising ideas and smoozing the local art framer, with the intention of only ONE big, big nudge on Tuesday.

I'm even dreaming about it. Will keep you posted, as this mini drama has the potential to implode dramatically and publically.

Note to self. Put hand up early next year for school reading/canteen/uniform shop duties.


  1. You will be brilliant at it, be sure to post photos and yes - get a babysitter and do reading next time!

  2. Nice - that's what you get when you put your hand up to help!

    I put my hand up to do bar duty at the parents disco and managed to land the 11.30-12.30pm slot (what do I turn back into at midnight??). Is it uncool to have drunk/disco'd too much and be serving on the bar??