Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tax and legal stuff


Painful morning of phone calls. I want my legal status/business structure/tax stuff all sorted stat, but I just run round and round in circles, chasing my tail, not really understanding what I am talking about, at all. The Husband has tried to help, but what I really need is a lawyer.

So my clever friend Kate, has always advised me to be upfront with the IRD and just ask the questions. So this morning I grabbed some paper, my questions and the phone and called a lawyer, the Charities Commission and the IRD. Now I'm in a blur of..."constitution"..."donnee status"..."so all you are is a website"..."so you'd pay tax on that regardless..."..."file annual financial reporting".....I kept repeating, no we won't take any profit, no, we are a nonprofit...

Actually all I want to yell is..."all I'm trying to do is a little good here, why is it so hard?" But then I was warned about that.

I should have spent the morning on as I'd originally planned.

Any smart legal/accounting advice appreciated before I start paying for it?


  1. Try talking to the contact I gave you at Dress 4 Success. She is an ex banker and may be able to give you some advice/insights.

    I know you guys connected when you spoke:)

    Me, I just gave in and paid and lawyer and an accountant!

  2. Thanks love, you know, I think I'm just going to do the same!