Monday, June 23, 2008

You gotta love this country

In NZ, inorganic collections roll round every 2 years, well in Sydney, we seem to have one every couple of months, which is great if you accumulate a lot of junk and even better if you kind of like cruising around looking for "goodies". Now I know I have posted about this before, but due to it's frequency, it always provides good fodder to chat about.

So Smith has a couple of little push along bikes, one collected from a previous inorganic collection, one of his own (that has sort of collapsed thanks to his biggest brother riding it(!)), and one that has been trashed respectively by the two bigger boys but which happens to be his favourite. I have even taped the split front wheel together a number of times with super extra heavy duty tape to extend it's life a little. Last Wednesday on a glorious morning at Manly, when riding along the beach front, the little 7 year old yellow and red bike with the heavily taped front wheel collapsed once and for all.

So he's a smidge to young for a two wheeler, and well a bike is just a "must have" in this family.

Driving along the road, I spotted a tidy looking trike out in someones inorganic collection junk. From the slow driveby, I could see that there wasn't much rust and it looked pretty good. On the second drive by, I thought, "right, I'm going back for it". So I turned the car around, pulled up (saw the people inside the house), got the boot open and popped the bike inside the car.

And then I saw it.

No seat.



  1. ha! - so did you a) put it back thereby letting the people inside the house know that their junk wasn't good enough for you or b)drive along a bit and dump it or c)are you now looking for a seat amongst someone elses inorganic collection :)

  2. Yes, it was an interesting situation. I took it out of the car, put it back where I found it and walked away with my head held high. I figured I wasn't the first to be caught out.