Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things are moving...

A big couple of days on the work front... a journo has approached me (well I think she just writes inhouse articles for her organisations newsletter - but that screams journo to me), and has asked to include my (non-existent) business in their next publication. As it happens the audience is my target so I was very happy and have spent Friday morning, and then some, drafting a response that just captured that right level of not enough info/too much info, witty but incredibly smart as well as ever so slightly quirky but with a hint of "next big thing". Wearing all those hats was very time consuming, so I actually havent' done much more on the non-existent business that in soon to go public. She came back today with more questions and has asked for a photo. I spent a zillion nonproductive hours trying to find a photo of me that wasn't at my wedding, and found many, many photos of my kids and none of me (apart from a few practise ones with my webcam that I've never used since). I even thought about getting Will to take one this morning but wisely decided that it would not be an image of myself I wanted made public. So I sent a wedding photo.

And then last night, some very smart philanthropic man (I know this coz I googled him) e-mailed me and asked to have a chat, he's my lead into the government workshop thing that I've stuck my hand up for, and was keen to hear about my business. So I have a phonecall TO HIS MOBILE this afternoon (doesn't he know how much that will cost me), he seems a bit terse - ie for my 500 word witty, yet professional response, he came back with 10 words, so i'm already pigeon holing him as "scary".

So it's all go.

I might even need to miss Project Runway tonight to do some stuff.


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  1. You could google Project Runway and see what happened? Good on you on the 100 posts - also a reflection of how I spend my time - as don't miss an episode... And great that those wedding photos are getting so much use - go girl!