Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Glossy Mags

I'm in one, or at least my name and maybe my wedding photo are in one, and ok, it may just be an inhouse magazine for a government department, but it' still going to print. I will send each and every one of you a copy.

And I chatted with "potentially scary guy" who was actually ok, and kindly listened to me blab on without taking a breath before I realised that a) I needed to do the school pickups and b) I was calling an international mobile during peak hours. The phonecall ended in nothing apart from him sending me a attachment I couldn't open and was too embarassed to ask him to re-send (like I did with the journo, who said, "but it's just a word doc" (me and technology!).

I may even start a special ringbinder file called "Press".

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