Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pocket Money

The boys get pocket money for an assortment of jobs written up on a blackboard in their room, which Rafe follows consistently and diligently and Will, well he's on half pocket money for last weeks poor performance. And Smith gets 20 cents for being cute, and for not throwing things (remember the apple incident).

In a fit of madness I attempted to go to the supermarket with the two boys on Tuesday, with Smith pushing the trolley badly and Rafe playing with the swing doors and generally creating carnage as well. It was all going as well as could be hoped until we reached the checkout, where once again (in seemingly slow motion), Smith picked up a bag of noodles and hurled them into the crowd. The noodles hit a lady who looked at Smith, then at me.

The check out lady said "I don't know how you cope, I'd go mad". It's ok for me to voice those thoughts but certainly not some 20 year old check out chick. No matter how true.

No pocket money for Smith this week.

1 comment:

  1. Hi-5 Smithy - he's going to have a career in baseball that boy!