Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grain Waves

I didn't think it was much to ask.

My dearest friend Sheree was coming to Sydney for a work trip and managed to find a few hours to fit us in. Awesome!!! "Did we want anything brought over from home?" she asked. I think the e-mail response from me was something along the lines of "Yes please!!", Maybe some shrewsberry's, Big Cookies and Grain Waves (I LOVE Grain Waves)".
Food parcels from home are very exciting, and for those unfortuntae enough not to have experienced a Grain Wave, it's like a big solid chip thing with yummy flavours like Grainy Mustard (My personal fave). Grain Waves have got me through the first 13 weeks of the last two pregnancies and easily the first if they'd been invented then. Pregnant or not, I can swiftly get through a large bag in one sitting (preferably without sharing any).

My expectations and taste buds were heightened. I even started talking them up to the boys (they weren't going to get any) and to my Sydney friends (nor were they).

The great Grain Wave day (otherwise known as the day Sheree was coming) arrived and the boys and me whizzed over the bridge to get her (no easy task in inner city lunchtime traffic), and of course I was absolutely excited to see one of my bestest friends from home.

But she had a suprisingly small handbag (only) with her.

No supermarket shopping bags bulging with multiple packs of Grain Waves. Just one very small handbag. Gulp.

Swallowing my disappointment, I LET IT GO, drove back over the bridge and had a lovely afternoon with Sheree. It was only after a glass of late afternoon wine did I summons the courage to ask about the GrainWaves(ok she had brought chocolate fish for the boys and I consoled myself by eating Smith's (- he doesn't know what one is and it has no meaning to him ok!). She laughed it off (too easily I thought!).

So I threatened her with posting on my blog about it.


  1. OMG Sheree!! Well I doubt if she will be invited back... You know you will now be flooded with them. And congrats on the house purchase!

  2. Sister do not despair - there are specialist kiwi shops here where you can buy all the lollies etc you miss from home. Check out Bondi - there is bound to be one ! We have one at Redcliffe where all sorts of delights can be purchased ie Snifters, Jaffa's, Buzz Bars, Cameo Cremes, Toffee Pops, Fresh Up, Tang, L&P & my all time favourite - SHREWSBURY BISCUITS
    ( Yum )

  3. no-one actually eats cameo cremes do they? but do they stock grainwaves .... in grainy mustard?

  4. Actually in defence of my sister, cameo cremes used to be the most highly sort after in the Sampler Box of biscuits (remember those boxes that you had every christmas)after of course the chocolate biscuits. Lets not forget that a treat in my home when growing up was half an orange and crackers and cheese, or a handful of mums secret stash of scorched almonds or whatever my sister and I were able to scoff on the way home from the dairy after buying her ciggies (and ourselves a wee treat).

  5. poor Sheree. She sent me an email last week to say she was in the dog box over grainwaves. I didn't realise how seriously till I saw this!

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