Wednesday, July 23, 2008


...started off badly, no internet. I attempted to talk in a monotone voice to the voice recognition thing with the broadband supplier people (as I've found that when you yell at in in frustration it doesn't understand), and booked an appointment for a techie. All good. Unfortunately I had a big work morning planned which was never going to happen as things started to get crazy.
We've been playing with buying a property in Sydney. DON"T panic NZ girls, it just means that we'll have a piece of land to call our own in case theres a rush on the banks and everyone has to resort to storing their loot under their mattresses... or whatever. Anyhow the verbal offer we made on a property "kind of" got accepted - we were told "it's a race now, first in best dressed" between us and "someone else" - yeah right. Anyhow I'll bleet on another time about the process so as not to bore you or myself, but it was a day of lawyers, jargon, tense conversations with The Husband in Perth, patronising tones from two agents and a headache. The kids had thankfully rediscovered an old computer game that didn't require the internet and wisely kept out of my way.
That was until I realised that a small painful black thing in my neck may be a dreaded tick.
I screamed for Will, found a kids magnifying glass and a decent light, and demanded he tell me if this was a tick. How a 7 year would know this, I don't care, I just needed an authoritative answer and he was the second oldest person in the house. "Looks like a tick to me Mum" was his response.
Bush ticks fall into the Gross Things about Living in Australia list, along with aggressive magpies, huntsmen spiders in the wheelie bin and possum poo (and maybe rat poo!)on the trampoline. A freakin TICK. NOW? After this CRAP day? You are kidding me???? Thankfully the net was back up so I did some online research (see photo above!) and decided to take matters into my own hands (as that seemed to be the recommended treatment and I didn't trust Will's). I MAY have removed it, OR it MAY have imbedded itself (with my help) deeper into my neck (which is extremely close to my brain!), therefore I may get very ill in 7-9 days. I'll keep you posted.
House? What house? I've got more important things to worry about now!


  1. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh!!! Come home, no ticks here:)

  2. Re The Tick
    My God Sister - you are such a GIRL sometimes !!!
    And don't go on about scary wildlife in Oz. We both know the scariest thing in the entire world is the Weta & that comes from NZ. remeber the time one got into our bedroon at the crib EEEKKKK - I still shudder about that !

  3. I can't remember the crib weta story, I'm sure you were first out of the room and then blamed me for it somehow! I do however remember the terrifying weta incident when I found one climbing up Rafes back which then proceeded to bite and poo all over my poor baby - uuuggghhh. You have a point.