Monday, July 21, 2008

Got Another!!!

Yay, just got another unsolicited approach by a charity, making my folder and divider purchase incredibly worthwhile now as it can divide the two charities that have approached me. Although, I have to say, the one is a good one, not sure if it fits by intended target genre but I say who am I to turn a worthwhile charity away.

Anyhow I'm too stressed as my super sleuth has just spotted the sabotaged pasta I've just made him - "Mum, you put someone in this, there's seeds in it" - was the indignant wail from Rafe. Now if I really was trying to sneak something in it, it would be a bloody big steak or a head of broccoli, NOT seeds. That child was sent to this earth for a special reason and that special reason didn't include eating! (But if you need to know the time or the weather, then he really comes into his own).

Trying to get motivated to do some training but it's dark and about 10 degrees, still Manly beach, my trainer and my flabby bits are calling....

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